LHD Group - The high visibility vest specialist

Whether high visibility vests need to be a luminous yellow, orange or red, or have to have a multi-coloured, mono-coloured or light-reflective client´s logo – we can make almost every wish come true.

We have already won a great number of clients, which we are supplying with high visibility vests or will do so in the future: Some examples are the ADAC children´s high visibility vests, ADAC vests “Special Olympics”, ADAC children´s high visibility vests “FC Bayern München”, high visibility vests “APCOA”, high visibility vests “EUROPARK”, high visibility vests Lufthansa “Crew”, high visibility vests Lufthansa “CityLine”, high visibility vests “Bundeswehr”.

All vests are produced and checked according to the DIN EN 471 and DIN EN 1150 category 1 or 2, depending on the clients demands and needs. These norms ensure a standardised number of light-reflective strips and visible luminous parts on clothing for the upper body, here the vests, – thus ensuring an ideal visibility of the person wearing the vest at any time – day or night.

We would like to inform you that the ADAC has already asked for another 1,6 Million high visibility vests for the upcoming new school year. The decision about the vests “FC Bayern München” and the vests for the airport “Berlin-Brandenburg” still have to be made on part of the clients.
Our Purchase Department is happy to assist clients with any further creative ideas and enquiries.