Data Protection Information

1. Subject Matter

Subject matter of this statement is the recording, processing and use (the „usage“) of data relating to persons (the „data“) which we at the LHD Group GmbH record when you make use of our offers under the URL

2. Responsible Body, Contact Address

Where data protection legislation is concerned the responsible body is the LHD Group GmbH. If you have questions regarding the usage of your data or if you wish to avail yourself of the legal remedies specified in this document, please forward an e-mail to

3. No Consent through Usage

The usage of your data is subject to the currently effective legal regulations, in particular, the German Federal Data Protection Act and the German Tele Services Data Protection Act. If we use data for a specific purpose, which, according to these regulations, necessitates your consent, we will ask you to give your express consent. You may revoke the consent which you have given at any time and/or revoke your consent for the future use of your data. The mere registration, usage of the services or knowledge of this statement shall not be considered as a substitute for your express consent.

4. Usage of your Data

In the following, the possible ways of using your data are briefly described. Please note that not all of the data is actually used for all purposes and that supplementary information and/or special data protection statements may be given for individual services. 

5. Recording Data

The LHD Group GmbH records data when you visit or use the following services: When you visit or use the services, the LHD Group GmbH automatically records and stores technical information in its Server Logs which it receives from your browser. This involves, in particular, the IP address of your computer and the page accessed by you.

6. Transfer of Data to Third Parties

  • The LHD Group GmbH transmits your personal data to third parties only when:  you have consented to the transfer (Please see paragraph “No consent through usage”) or
  • the transfer is necessary for the performance or the invoicing of the services, in particular, when through this service you avail yourself of the services provided by an independent partner company, or
  • a party responsible for the performance requires this data for the performance of this service (such parties are, unless you are specifically informed to the contrary, only authorised to use such data as is necessary to perform the service)
  • law enforcement agencies or courts demand information for the purpose of criminal prosecution in accordance with the provisions of the applicable law.  


7. Deletion of Data

To the extent that your data is no longer required for the aforementioned purposes, including invoicing, this is then deleted. Please note that in the deletion of the data this is initially only blocked and is finally deleted permanently only after a certain delay in time in order to prevent inadvertent deletion or possible intentional damages. For technical reasons, data is duplicated in data backup files and imaging of services. Such copies are, when required, also deleted with a technically required delay in time.  

8. Cookies

Cookies are files, which are deposited on the hard disk of your computer, and which serve to facilitate navigation. They avoid the necessity of having to enter specific data again in each usage. Cookies facilitate the use of our services. You can prevent the storage of cookies on your hard disk by selecting (“do not accept cookies”) in your browser setting. To ascertain how this functions in individual cases, please see the instructions of your browser manufacturer. If you do not accept cookies, this can, under certain circumstances, lead to functional limitations in our services. In the case that you accept the installation of cookies, the LHD Group GmbH installs data which we have recorded, in the form of cookies on your hard disk and call up this information in the event of further usage. Our advertising partners do not have the right to call up information contained in the cookies installed by the LHD Group GmbH. However, our advertising partners can deposit cookies of their own on your hard disk. The LHD Group GmbH is legally not responsible for such cookies.  

9. Data Security

The LHD Group GmbH undertakes every effort to protect your data from unauthorised access, loss, misuse, or destruction. In sensitive areas, the LHD Group GmbH uses, if and where necessary, SSL encoding technology when transferring data.

10. Amendments to this Data Protection Statement

The LHD Group GmbH will adapt this data protection statement when required to comply with future changes in the usage of personal data.